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  • Game by Markovic Martin

Note: All proceeds from the Ever Growing OST go directly to supporting the composers, so thank you for your generosity!

Official Scarlet Moon Productions page: http://scarletmoonproductions.com/


Go through a series of challenges, visit many colorful worlds, and found out more about the maker of those worlds. Also, You can make your own stage, a set of stages, or even an entire platform type of game with NPC's and story!
Ever Growing was first developed as a platformer with two playable characters that are on a quest to find the creator of their world. Development started on the game in 2014. in Game Maker 8. As the development process progressed, I began to develop the idea to include level editor (since main game characters are on the quest to find a creator it is only logical to have the game mode that will allow world creation). But the inclusion of the Level Editor meant that almost the entire game code must be rewritten. For this reason, game development was stopped for about the year. Finally by the end of 2015. I gathered all the knowledge to implement level editor into a game and development on Ever Growing was continued. Beside level editor, three more playable characters are added. Also, in about that time Scarlet Moon Productions contacted me with a request to make OST for Ever Growing, therefore 9 beautiful soundtracks for the game were born. The game was done and released in October. 2016.

  • A retro platformer with many colorful worlds!
  • Level editor
  • Constantly expanded number of levels



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MMM allows for the contents of Ever Growing to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Ever Growing is legally & explicitly allowed by MMM.